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NEXION S.p.A. signs an agreement for the acquisition of Kompunet Informatica

NEXION S.p.A. signs an agreement for the acquisition of Kompunet Informatica, a leading Software House and Data Provider in the Automotive sector

We are pleased to inform you that the Nexion Group and Kompunet Informatica have signed an acquisition agreement: Kompunet will become part of the Nexion Group.

Kompunet Informatica S.r.l., based in Senigallia (AN), today is one of the leading Software House and Data Provider at a European level in the Automotive sector.

It has been operating for over 20 years in the Automotive sector, producing and distributing databases and management software for the market of authorized and multi-brand workshops, auto electricians, tire shops and body shops. The company has also diversified its offer by creating software dedicated to fleet service management, car rental and specific repair of car windows.

Nexion is a world leader in the vehicle assistance equipment sector with its own brands Corghi, Bright, HPA-Faip, Mondolfo Ferro, SICE, Orlandini, Tecnomotor, Teco and with the danish Stenhøj Group brands AutopStenhøj, Sherpa, Dunlop, Molnar and Bradbury.

The acquisition allows the Nexion Group to continue to implement its long-term growth strategy and further diversify its business, strengthening its leading position as a provider of complete solutions in the Automotive aftermarket sector.

With a view to business continuity, Kompunet CEO Antonio Russo will remain in the group carrying out the Kompunet projects, in line with the Group's development plan.

Correggio, November 19 th , 2020


COVID-19: Suspension of all working activities extended until April 19th


In compliance with the new Law Decree and due to the continuing epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, we have extended the suspension of all working activities until 19 April in the Italian factories/offices.
For any request of technical assistance, please email to .
We’ll do our utmost to support you at our earliest convenience, based on the current situation.


CoViD-19: Suspension of all working activities extended until April 5 2020


In compliance with the Decree dd. 25 March 2020 on the "Urgent measures to deal with the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19", we have extended the suspension of working activities in the Italian factories/offices until 5 April.
We hope that during this additional week of work suspension, the ongoing epidemic may have a favourable course, in order to start again the work activities confidently and safely.


Suspension of all working activities in the Italian factories/offices


As is well known, the World Health Organization has officially recognized the propagation of COVID-19 as a “pandemic” and the Italian Government has issued various decrees aimed to contain and manage the health emergency throughout the country.
During the last weeks, we’ve been working actively to face this situation in order on one side to minimize the risk of our employees’ health (actions taken: suspension of all business trips and training courses, reduction of the physical meetings by preferring the ones in virtual mode, smart-working procedure, shift working when possible) and on the other to ensure the operational continuity to our customers.
But now, based on the current circumstances, we have decided to intervene more decidedly to protect our employees’ health, their families and the whole community too by suspending all activities of the Italian factories, as from today till March 29th.
We’ll use profitably this closing to check, improve and guarantee that all our plants will be at a maximum level both of health and safety when we’ll be back to work, because we’re aware that the only way to defeat the COVID-19 is to stop the contagion, and to do that the individual responsibility and the protected working places are needed. We are well conscious of the discomfort that this action will cause, but the strong exceptional situation in which we are all involved requires exceptional interventions and a great sense of responsibility.
During this closing period, the after-sales toll-free number for Italy (you can find it on our website) and the export after-sales service (email to ) will be active (from 08:30 to 12:30 am).
We’ll do our utmost to support you at our earliest convenience, based on the current situation.
The Spare Parts vision is closed both for handling and shipment.
We take care of our employees as of our customers, and we’re confident that when this emergency will come to an end, we’ll be able to start again all together to reaffirm the excellence of our company and our products.


NEXION S.p.A. and STENHØJ GROUP join forces.


NEXION S.p.A. and STENHØJ GROUP join forces and establish the leading European supplier of products and services for the automotive aftermarket

We hereby inform you that on March 8th, Nexion, world leader in automotive equipment sector with its brands Corghi, Bright, HPA-Faip, Mondolfo Ferro, SICE, Orlandini, Tecnomotor, Teco, finalized the purchase of the majority shareholding of STENHØJ, a leader Danish Group in the supply of products and services in the automotive aftermarket.

The total turnover of Nexion in 2018 was around 220 million euros, 75% of which from export markets, where the Group is present with importers and 7 branches. The total workforce is of about 1.500 employees.

The STENHØJ GROUP is a Danish family business based in Barrit, Jutland, Denmark and was founded in 1917. The Group consists of 15 branches in 11 countries. It has 660 employees and exports in over 60 countries worldwide. Besides STENHØJ, the best known brands are Dunlop, Autop, Sherpa, Molnar, Bradbury, Tecalemit, Gemco.

In 2017 it achieved a turnover of 108 million euros, with a 16% increase compared to the previous year and an EBIT of 7 million euros.

Nexion has acquired 75% of STENHØJ GROUP, while 25% will remain in the hands of the previous owner, the Dyoe family.

With this acquisition, a Group with a turnover of 320 million euros and almost 2200 employees will be created.

This acquisition has been achieved 2 years after Bright, important Chinese competitor, which led to the creation of Corwei Joint Venture. Also in this case, the management of STENHØJ, and in particular the CEO Soren Dyoe Madsen, will remain in the company assuring continuity in the framework of a common strategy aimed at taking advantage of all possible synergies.

Nexion continues in the path of acquisition of companies with characteristics complementary to those of the Group, so activating a process which will create a new corporate reality, absolute leader in its sector and with dimensions allowing to compete with the new players.

As part of this development plan, Nexion Shareholders have decided, in these days, to start a selection of possible investors for the transfer of a minority share of the Group stock capital.

The evaluation process of selected investors will begin in the next few days. Nexion shareholders, with the support of the Board of Directors and of the financial advisor Kaleidos, will evaluate the proposals not only on the basis of the economic offers, but above all on the sharing of the medium-term development plan already defined by the company.

Correggio, 11 March 2019

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